mercredi, juin 01, 2005

And finaly I took this one, and published it. Posted by Hello

Before leaving I took this shot quickly (too quickly obviously!) to remember the name of the place. Posted by Hello

Same way, I took this one, but I thought it was too black. Posted by Hello

I put the camera objective through one of the holes of the iron curtain and took this shot. But I did not like it. Posted by Hello

Unfortunatly the window shop was protected by a heavy iron curtain. I tried first to take a photo with curtain thinking it may add to the total shot, but no!

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megan a dit…

Eric I liked to see the pics that didn't "make the cut" I like to watch how movies are made what is left on the cutting room floor and stuff like that so I certainly enjoyed these pics.

Rhein a dit…

what a great blog!