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mercredi, mai 21, 2008

Photo shoot from La Défense Tower

This is were I was when I took all these photos for the Tribu Cancer association. It's the top (that is about 40 stories above ground) of the EDF (the French electricity company) tower. It was a stunning experience, I must say. Before you ask, the reason why I was wearing a mask is that they have air conditioning equipment (exhaust fans) up there and they don't want to take any risk regarding legionnaire's disease.

Surfing the wave

vendredi, mai 09, 2008

PDP Picnic 2008 Interviews

Full length (39 minutes)

(5 first minutes only - as posted on May 9)

I'm sorry I don't know what went wrong but the video is only 4 minute long (whereas it should be 40 minute long). Don't ask me why, I have no idea and... no time to work it out as my taxi is coming to pick me up in one hour! You are going to have to wait until my return I'm afraid. So sorry!

PDP Picnic 2008

jeudi, mai 08, 2008

PDP picnic. Who is who?

1.Michel 2.Marie 3.Ingrid 4.Stéphane 5.Patricia 6.Katia 7.Arnaud 8.Craig 9.Ian 10.Justine 11.Michael 12.Lynn 13.Eric 14.Corinne 15.Rose 16.Barb 17.Guille 18.Woody 19.Cheryl 20.Jeff 21.Livio 22.Andy 23.Thib 24.Anna 25.Julia 26.Anissa

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