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Computer Museum

One of the first digital camera to be sold in retail.

The first "RSS reader" as Philippe Nieuwbourg, the head of the museum puts it. In fact a sort of telex that was used on military boats to receive instructions broadcasted from land.

The first "Laptop" computer (Osborne 1 - 24.5 pounds!)

Sinclair ZX81. I remember it as the first popular computer in Europe. Sinclair was British.

What a teenager room would have looked like in the 80's. The modem is worth the visit!

One of the first hard drives.


The French claim they invented the 1st PC and so does Wikipedia. It must be true...

First type of computer memory.

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CNN eye on France

Luc Besson, film director

Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis (advertising agency)

Marie Druker, famous anchor woman on French television (France 3)

Amélie Mauresmo, tennis player

Christine Lagarde, Minister of economy

Hala Gorani, host of the Eye on France debate

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