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mercredi, novembre 26, 2008

PDP dinner

Carrie, Stuart, Elisabeth, Thib(ault), Guille(mette), Michelle, Michael

And, the Andouillette!

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lundi, novembre 10, 2008

The 70's!

I found this photo recently in my files. It was taken in 1978, while I was finishing high-school... (Click to enlarge).

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La Coupole Dance Hall

La Coupole

The 4 artists

The 4 painters who participated in the painting of the dome come from 4 different countries (see below) but they all live in Paris. Each of them painted 1/4th of the canvas than was then glued to the dome afterwards.

Carole Benzaken (French)

Fouad Bellamine (Moroccan)

Ricardo Mosner (Argentinian)

Xiao Fan (Chinese)

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mercredi, juillet 30, 2008

SoCal PDP gathering

Left to right: Tall Gary, Katie, Pont Girl, Petrea and Carrie

Gary, tell us, you where standing on a stool, weren't you?!

The girls!

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samedi, juillet 19, 2008


FYI, these are photos of the Senanque Abbey, that I took in 2003.

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mardi, juillet 15, 2008

South California PDP Meeting

Petrea's words: "We chose Lilly's French Cafe in Venice, California (because Perris, California is too far from Los Angeles and besides, they pronounce it wrong). Our charming waiter, Adam, took two photos of us. Seated: Tall Gary, Pont Girl, and my husband John. Standing: Carrie and me (Petrea). Carrie ordered the escargot. There were six morsels in her order. She tried one and didn't like it. So the rest of us each had one. We all thought they were very good. The one remaining on the plate we decided to name Eric [LOOOOOOOOOOOOL - me!] in your honor, but unfortunately Eric the Escargot didn't last very long. John couldn't resist him. We talked a lot about how much we love Paris Daily Photo, and you, and all the people on the blog. It was great fun getting together and you started the whole thing!" ;)

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