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Best photos of the year

What's cookin?

I like this one because it really makes you feel how busy the place was and also because the actual thing to see is ex-centered.

Gare d'Orsay at night

I remember very well when I took this one, thinking, "gee it really looks like a painting", aan it does! And though I swear, not a single touch of Photoshop in there!

Will you marry me?

You have to read the original post to understand why I love this photo so much ;) And though I'm very frustrated. Once because I missed THE kneeling down moment which lasted only 1 or 2 seconds and 2) because the quality of this photo really sucks...

Tit for tat!

I love this one too, but I have to confess the background is Photoshopped! I did not want the kids to appear on the photo that's why I started blurring the background. I then realized the global effect was great.

Amour !

I did not know what photo I would end up with when I met Jean-Luc for a photo shoot. And then, I came up with this one, which I think has everything in it : him, the Amour sign and a bit of Paris.

Waiting [not on!] for who[m]?

At first I was a little cross that the "real" lady would stay on the bench while I was taking the photo I must confess! And though it makes the whole difference; without her, the photo would be much less interesting. Besides, she ended up coming to the PDP picnic later and turned out to be very nice ;)

Drums beating

One of these photos you take by chance, just because you happen to be passing...

Surfing the wave

I love this one, because it looks so fake. And though it is 100% real!

Eat for food

I love this one too, but there is a lot of Photoshop in it, let me tell you! If you enlarge it you can see some of it (I did not do my job properly!!)

Sacré Coeur

It's a classic, but, the sky and the B&W makes it look real nice I think.

Farewell Monsieur Saint Laurent

I remember being lucky with this one. I had no idea which photo I was going to post and coming back home, in the passage where I live, there is this gallery that sells photos. Of course, since it was the day Yves Saint Laurent died, they put it in the window. It was a blessing for me that I went back home late enough and that the grid was put on the window. It really adds flavor to the portrait.

Eiffel Tower on fire!

Another classic, but could I possibly slect a feww Paris photos without haveing at least one ET photo?? I knew Suzy would appreciate!!

Stormy weather

This one I like, because it really does not look like Paris ;)


I love this one, but I have to confess it was not taken this year... I needed somethig with metal and, well, I had to dig into my last year's collection!

Swinging in Paris!

I love the intensity of this photo. The funny part is that months after I took it, they wrote a nice comment (that you can see if you see the original post).

Back to old Europe!

The original version was not that dark. But I thought it was more ineteresting to have a strong contrast between the foreground and the background.

The above is a quick selection of my favorite photos of the year. Some are just nice looking [to my taste!] and some remind me of particular moments. If you want to see the original post, just click on the title (the title above each photo).
Again happy new year everyone.