vendredi, avril 27, 2007

Tonight's meeting

So, finally it's will be a picnic on the exact same place as June last year, that ison the Port du Louvre, on the embankment at the end of rue de l'Amiral Coligny (Metro Station is Louvre Rivoli). Opening 8:30 pm. Hotline: 06 09 68 10 11.

BYOB (No, it does not stand for Bring Your Own Beret as Pam (From Tenerife) suggested (!), but Bring your own booze (bottle) AND something to eat that we can all share.

How to recognize the gathering? Well, we will be at the bottom of the little slope that takes to the embankment at this point.

Who can show up? Anybody who is nice, merry, with a positive mindset (a friend of mine would say "oh, so no French is going to show up then!!") .

Can you come with a friend? Of course, as long as he or she meets the above requirements!

See you tonight!

Here is the map (courtesy of Michel from Spirit of Paris who will attend)

A day at Chenonceau