mercredi, mai 10, 2006

Europe celebration


The Netherlands












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Liz Feliz a dit…


Specially the one from Germany. That World Cup Championship might get Germany looking all cosmo with all the tourists there!! What a great mixture of colors!!

perle de rosée a dit…

This stars are very well. In Fourmies and Anor we have celebrate also the Day of Europa.
With the chidren of the schools.
The day of Europe is the anniversary of the declaration Schumann at the 9th may 1950, who say we have to build an united Europe if we do not want to have wars in Europa. He wanted to make frienship between France and Germany to avoid wars beween this two lands.

perle de rosée a dit…

I have tried several times to go on the comments of your other blog, but I cannot.

Tomate Farcie a dit…

Germany and Poland wrote in French on the star, what a nice touch!

My favorite is Cyprus who seems to say "Europe Under Construction."
I also like Lettonia a lot, and of course, Scottland with a nice sense of humor or maybe they didn't get the message right? ;)

And a very warm thank you to Eric for taking these pictures in the rain!

Tomate Farcie a dit…

Perle de Rosee: it should work! Just try again. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds to load at certain times. Maybe Blogger was having problems that day?

philos a dit…

Awesome event!
Cyprus and Spain, I believe, that they gave the most strong and radical messages.
I agree with Tomate Farcie that the message of Cyprus is Europe under construction.
And I think that Spain wishes to say that the current Europe is not only Christian but it contains a big Muslim part.
Eric, special thanks for your effort under rain!

Sam a dit…

How great!!!
Love these!!

Elisabeth a dit…

This is beyond cool. I am always amazed at how many innovative artistic things one can see just strolling the streets of Paris. I now regret a bit that I won't be visiting the city when I am in Europe in a few weeks.

eurobrat a dit…

I particularly love the stars for Slovakia and Estonia. Fabuleux!

Shiz a dit…

Is Lettonia what we call Latvia in English?

Tomate Farcie a dit…

Shiz: I googled Lettonia and it gave me this link about the republic of Latvia.