mardi, novembre 21, 2006

Firemen demonstration





4 commentaires:

Kate a dit…

What are the fires supposed to represent and symbolize? Great pictures; I believe that everyone should be allowed to strike. I only hope that those who are in critical industries such as this have back-ups for a real emergency!

Orly a dit…

Like Kate says, I hope there is some back-up. All you need if for some wackos to start protesting, setting off fires and then you will have plenty of opportunities for more photos. By the way, great shots.

PM a dit…

they were "burning down the house"!!!

nice pictures (as always).

Steverino a dit…


actually, I wouldn't mind if the McD in one of the shots accidentally burned down!

Steverino in sunny Chicago, where the fire department just obtained two fabulous robots to creep around and get bombs, or serve McD's to hostages and their takers. Ain't high tech cool?!