samedi, février 24, 2007

The 1st motorbike in the world (1871, by Louis Guillaume Perreaux)

Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 GT Cabrio Farina 1934

A Voisin C14

The dashboard of the Voisin C27

Don't know...

A Citroen

An old presidential car

A Voisin C27

A Citroen Van (1947)

Jaguar Type "E"

Rolls Royce

A Dollar motorbike (1928). French make (despite its name!)

Don't know.

A Peugeot 404. My father had one, can't be that old!!

3 commentaires:

philos a dit…

Many, many, many, many thanks for all these photos. That was a very good reason to travel there!
Your dad had one very classy car! I love this model!

PM a dit…

nice pictures!!!

Matthieu a dit…

Mes préférences vont à l'illustre inconnue ainsi qu'à la type E. Rendons hommage à tous ceux qui prennent encore soin de ces ancêtres roulants. Bon weekend :)