lundi, février 18, 2008

Le Salon du Vintage

Boots from the 70's, sold by Pretty Box (3rd arrondissement)

Children clothes, sold by Zôa (Vintage for children) in the 10th arrondissement.

Velvet chairs by E. de Prozemparc, Model Opera (1990), Horn chairs by Mme de Menton (1990), Metal curtain (Baumann) used by Paco Rabanne, Couch La Bocca inspired by the Mae West couch designed by Salvatore Dali in 1936. This couch was made as a tribute to Dali by Studio 65 in 1967. Chandelier Verner Panton Model "Fun 14 DM". All this sold by Deja Vu in the 7th arrondissement

Industrial pieces (the white china "flowers" on the table are old molds that they used to make balloons!). Solad by Details in Biarritz (South West of France).

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Steverino a dit…

bonjour eric!

some of the pix did not appear. did not come up either when clicked on.

Those plaid pants reminded me of a pair my wife used to have in wool back in the 70's!

Steve in overcast drizzly Chicago

Salem Oregon Daily Photo a dit…

Interesting. so...I should leave my plaid pantsuit at home when I pack??

smilnsigh a dit…

Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Wonder why I never knew this blog was here?

The perfect answer to the issue of... only one photo a day, on CDPB.