jeudi, janvier 01, 2009

Best photos of the year

What's cookin?

I like this one because it really makes you feel how busy the place was and also because the actual thing to see is ex-centered.

Gare d'Orsay at night

I remember very well when I took this one, thinking, "gee it really looks like a painting", aan it does! And though I swear, not a single touch of Photoshop in there!

Will you marry me?

You have to read the original post to understand why I love this photo so much ;) And though I'm very frustrated. Once because I missed THE kneeling down moment which lasted only 1 or 2 seconds and 2) because the quality of this photo really sucks...

Tit for tat!

I love this one too, but I have to confess the background is Photoshopped! I did not want the kids to appear on the photo that's why I started blurring the background. I then realized the global effect was great.

Amour !

I did not know what photo I would end up with when I met Jean-Luc for a photo shoot. And then, I came up with this one, which I think has everything in it : him, the Amour sign and a bit of Paris.

Waiting [not on!] for who[m]?

At first I was a little cross that the "real" lady would stay on the bench while I was taking the photo I must confess! And though it makes the whole difference; without her, the photo would be much less interesting. Besides, she ended up coming to the PDP picnic later and turned out to be very nice ;)

Drums beating

One of these photos you take by chance, just because you happen to be passing...

Surfing the wave

I love this one, because it looks so fake. And though it is 100% real!

Eat for food

I love this one too, but there is a lot of Photoshop in it, let me tell you! If you enlarge it you can see some of it (I did not do my job properly!!)

Sacré Coeur

It's a classic, but, the sky and the B&W makes it look real nice I think.

Farewell Monsieur Saint Laurent

I remember being lucky with this one. I had no idea which photo I was going to post and coming back home, in the passage where I live, there is this gallery that sells photos. Of course, since it was the day Yves Saint Laurent died, they put it in the window. It was a blessing for me that I went back home late enough and that the grid was put on the window. It really adds flavor to the portrait.

Eiffel Tower on fire!

Another classic, but could I possibly slect a feww Paris photos without haveing at least one ET photo?? I knew Suzy would appreciate!!

Stormy weather

This one I like, because it really does not look like Paris ;)


I love this one, but I have to confess it was not taken this year... I needed somethig with metal and, well, I had to dig into my last year's collection!

Swinging in Paris!

I love the intensity of this photo. The funny part is that months after I took it, they wrote a nice comment (that you can see if you see the original post).

Back to old Europe!

The original version was not that dark. But I thought it was more ineteresting to have a strong contrast between the foreground and the background.

The above is a quick selection of my favorite photos of the year. Some are just nice looking [to my taste!] and some remind me of particular moments. If you want to see the original post, just click on the title (the title above each photo).
Again happy new year everyone.

11 commentaires:

USelaine a dit…

It's a beautiful selection, Eric. You really should publish a book of every image, because taken together they are such a personal mosaic of your city.

Travel Gal a dit…

Yes, Eric, they are all beautiful! Here's to another great year!

Petrea a dit…

Hard to choose, Eric. They're all wonderful. A heartfelt thank you for each and every photo you've posted.

Jilly a dit…

How did you ever choose? All beautiful, all telling a story.

Kim a dit…

Tit for Tat and Travel stand out for me here. I'm so glad the b&w calendar contains Tit for Tat! It really is a fun and very well done shot. You are right about your final pick really looking like a gorgeous painting. I am glad you had to choose which images to put up, because it would be impossible for me to narrow it down to a handful of selections!
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marley a dit…

These are all fantastic photos. It must have been a really hard choice.

Michelle a dit…

I love these photos. Thank you for sharing them on your blog. You inspire my photography! :)

Clueless in boston a dit…

Great selection. Looking at a number of your photos like this shows that you have a photographer's eye for good pictures. Happy New Year and continued photographic inspiration throughout the coming year.

Virginia a dit…

Drums Beating remains my all time favorite. There are more but that was just a fabulous capture.
Oh and Eric...thanks for turning me on.... to CDPB this year of course. YOU ARE LE ROI !!!

Eiffel Tower Suzy a dit…

I'm way late to the party, but you know I have to do it anyway...


All of your photos are worthy of the crown this year.

Thanks for everything, sweet Eric, and happy new year to you!

sue a dit…

Your photos are gorgeous and bring back very fond memories of a year spent studying in Paris in 1997. I remember the fountains all frozen at Christmas that year - has that happened with all of the cold this year?