jeudi, mars 12, 2009

Note to the people in Sydney

If you live in Sydney and want to join a little PDP gathering while I'm there, meet me at the Opera Bar, at 6 PM. I have no idea who is going to show up - if any - but I'll be there ;-) If you don't recognize me call me on my mobile [0410 242 906] and I'll do my best to give you directions to my table. Hope to see you there.

9 commentaires:

lynn a dit…

Ok so I'm shamelessly gatecrashing! Just to say I miss you and I'm there in spirit xx Have a great time.

Shell Sherree a dit…

Moi aussi! Sorry I can't make it to Sydney, Eric. I hope you're having a fabulous time and lots of Sydney-siders meet up with you, even if they have to cross the bridge. {A true compliment.}

Julie a dit…

I would like that very much, Eric. thank you for the invitation.

Tuesday 17th March
6Pm Opera Bar.

Ann a dit…

Just saw this - will be there. Look forward to meeting you (and Julie).

Nathalie a dit…

Dear Eric,
I so wish I could be there!
I'll be thinking of you badly.

M.Benaut a dit…

Let's hope you meet lots of Sydney-siders, Eric; especially one in particular who has been on the "sick list".
I hope she is feeling much, much better and can attend.

I will be thinking of you all, and comme Nathalie a dit, - who doesn't wish they could be there avec vous tous !!

Meantime we are instructing the Bureau de la Météorologie d'Adelaïde to warm the City and the coastline for the following weekend.

Warmest wishes de M. Benaut

J Bar a dit…

Thanks for the invitation Eric. I would have liked to have been there but unfortunately will not be able to make it today.

Nathalie a dit…

I hope you managed to get a few people Eric - isn't it sad that Sally couldn't make it?

Roniece Dawson-Bruce a dit…

Hello Eric, and thank you so much for last night, it was wonderful to meet you! I am so sorry that I had to dash back to my work function, but meeting you certainly made my evening!!
Have a fantastic time in Uluru!