lundi, mai 11, 2009

PDP get together in Sydney

Roniece, Ségolène, Eric, Ann, Julie

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Michael a dit…


lynn a dit…

Wonderful. Are we all allowed to hang around your neck like that when we meet? ;) LOL
Looks like a great little party. I love the polka dot blouse on Segolene.

Shell Sherree a dit…

{So cute, Lynn!}

That does look like fun, and in a spectacular spot. And very chic with everyone in black & white!

Alexa a dit…

Alors, Eric—if I'd known that I could hang on you like that when we met, I would have been all over you like a cheap suit (comme on dit ici)!

Parisbound a dit…

oui!!!!!!!!!!! I love this pic :) of course it has me in it so why wouldn't I :) It was so wonderful to meet you Eric, looking forward to Paris in September :)


MmeBenaut a dit…

Haha! No wonder you were a bit tired by the time you arrived in Adelaide, Eric. All those women to attend to must have worn you out. :)