mardi, juin 08, 2010

5th PDP Picnic Video

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Lynn a dit…

Love it, love it! Great to see everyone and soooo happy that you called me! :D xx

Jilly a dit…

Eric, this is just great. So good to meet all the PDP fans and the lovely Rose - and of course Michael - and also to hear Lynn. Absolutely great and thankyou!

Monica a dit…

Miss you guys so much!!!!!

Really look foward to being there next year. Paris with you people is so much more special and fun!


MmeBenaut a dit…

Wonderful filming there Eric! And thanks Rosie for passing on my hugs to everyone. Guille, your T-shirt was amazing!! Michael, you look more handsome every day.
Lynn: it was wonderful to hear your voice again (even though you do call MY Michael, "Darling" - I am such a jealous creature).
If it is any consolation dear Eric, the weather here is worse than in Paris - it's raining - but the pusscats and Monsieur Benaut are all tucked up in bed, warm and safe.
xxxxx Mme B. (Andrea)

Lynn a dit…

lol Mme, sorry but who can resist? We'll just have to share him ;)

Guillemette a dit…

That's nice to see all the people I missed after I ran away!

The best is the couple who loves rien, they are lovely aren't they?! LOL

Merci Eric.

Lynn a dit…

Oui, Guille, they are a lovely couple ;D x

Keats a dit…

How I wish I could tag along. Good to see everyone being so happy.

Cheers everyone! And to Eric! :D xx