dimanche, septembre 19, 2010

Crèpes Suzette

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Christie a dit…

Ooh! Crepes Suzette! (Do you know I just watched a cooking show where they said lighting it does absolutely nothing for the flavor of the dish? It is merely for the spectacle itself. It was developed as a recipe for a theater production and they needed something to "wow" the audience. Still wows audiences today!

Joanna a dit…

Doesn't it also burn off the alcohol? That would make it acceptable for people (or children) who do not or can not have alcohol.

Christie a dit…

Actually, not really. It only burns off a tiny amount of the alcohol, less than 25% of it is burned off, and 75% remains. I found that information here: http://www.practicallyedible.com/edible.nsf/pages/proof but have seen it other places as well. Just interesting to me. :)