mardi, juillet 11, 2006

Cheap accomodations in Paris

From Julien, who asked me if I could relay this info on PDP:

We (the organizers of Planet, a congress for students and young professionals in urban planning around the world) have booked too many beds in the Paris International Accommodation Centre, a comfortable youth hostel located at Boulevard Kellermann near the Metro station Porte d'Italie and the Bus line P.C. (Petite Ceinture).

This Centre is surrounded by a garden and has parking facilities for buses and cars.

We have 9 double bedrooms (2 beds), with shower and private bathroom available at a very reasonnable price (135 euros for the 3 nights, instead of 150 euros) - Click here for more info.

For more information, please contact Anne-Laure at

Enjoy your stay in Paris!

2 commentaires:

Ham a dit…

takes me back to my first visit to Paris - stayed in a (2*NN) hotel in the Boul' Mich' for 20F/night for two. When I went back a couple of years later the place was a flea pit.

scouter573 a dit…

I think i stayed in the same flea pit... Bathroom down the hall, wallpaper older than my parents, fleas older than my parents. But we loved the Boul' Mich'.