dimanche, juillet 02, 2006

France: 1 - Brazil: 0!

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dutchie a dit…

if i wouldn't know better i
d say you had already won the worldcup!

Ham a dit…

For real dedication, you needed to stay around to take the picture of the guy when he arrives and sees his car. It didn't have a Brazillian number plate, did it?

Patoche a dit…

Same atmosphere at Place de la Bastille!!! Everyone dancing, shouting and smiling !!! even some "strip-tease football dance" on top of van performed by a crazy football supporter in a "Bleu-blanc-rouge" underpants.... ! Incredible atmosphere compared to the gloom of last week before the game against Togo when everyone was complaining about the team... I wish French supporters were more supportive especially during difficult times. Anyhow, Well done Zizou!

Floski a dit…

Looks like much fun and revelling!!

I was wondering, Eric, if you don't have a little bit of Hitchcock in you; was that you making a cameo appearance as the bus driver??


Susan a dit…

I have my fingers crossed that France with beat Italy next weekend! I was in Paris recently for the first time and fell in love with it!

By the way, what arrondisement was the video taken in?