mercredi, juin 18, 2008

Computer Museum

One of the first digital camera to be sold in retail.

The first "RSS reader" as Philippe Nieuwbourg, the head of the museum puts it. In fact a sort of telex that was used on military boats to receive instructions broadcasted from land.

The first "Laptop" computer (Osborne 1 - 24.5 pounds!)

Sinclair ZX81. I remember it as the first popular computer in Europe. Sinclair was British.

What a teenager room would have looked like in the 80's. The modem is worth the visit!

One of the first hard drives.


The French claim they invented the 1st PC and so does Wikipedia. It must be true...

First type of computer memory.

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Alexa a dit…

Thanks for the extra pix, Eric. This place does look fascinating.

Coltrane_lives a dit…

Ah, the 80s room. Talk about a walk down memory lane...although my teen room had a home base CB set up. I was working my way up to the Apple computer at the time. I remember the Apple IIs in college when they first came out and we thought they were something. Glad they left out the "Loverboy" headbands from this 80s room retrospective. Thanks for the extra photos. I would have enjoyed this place too.

jill a dit…

I feel really, really old now. Modems--all that screeching. And remember punch cards? I learned word processing on a Mag-card computer!

Tomate Farcie a dit…

That teenager's room is WAY TOO CLEAN AND ORGANIZED!!!

Thank you indeed. This is great fun!

Steve Buser a dit…

Oh my God, I remember the Sinclair... and the Osborne.... maybe I am as old as they say.

Steverino a dit…


OMG! What a hoot!

In the early 60's I was a student at the Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology on Chicago's near south side. It was associated with a research institute and I did photography for both organizations and so got to see first hand lots of the very early stuff.

I remember those hard drive inside some clear plastic container. It had five platters as I recall. The computers were inside special "clean rooms" and were huge. Remember the IBM 360?

I remember an old analog computer IIT had that you wired yourself! Very large near plugs. Wish I had some now.

I remember the Sinclar and I owned a Kaypro 10 portable like the Osborn. Both operated using the CPM system which was rendered obsolete with IBM DOS. It had a 10 MB hard drive. Boy, that was huge back then .

In the late 30's and early 40's my mother operated an IBM punch card machine. The museum of science and industry here in Chicago has one in their computer exhibit. It was fun showing it to my daughter when she was young. They have one of those early French computers you mentioned. As I recall it is very cool looking, made out of brass.

Steve, in cool sunny Chicago

Petrea a dit…

I remember those giant computer rooms, Steverino. And punch cards. My dad used them at work at NIU in DeKalb. There were so many left over we used them as note cards by the phone at home. The, er, dial phone. Party line.

dodo a dit…

Thanks for these pictures- i love the Osborn one!
And i think motherboards are quite artistic stuff, i like them :-)