jeudi, février 19, 2009

LA PDP Party

It's really touching for me to see you all gathered at the other end of the world! I wish I could have been with you, you all look happy ;) Thank you for sending me the photos.

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DW Quilt Art a dit…

J'aime bien le chemisier avec la tour eiffel! Je le veux! a dit…

what a lovely group & yes Eric they all do look very happy. I think this is a case of like attracting like. You have started something very positive Eric & I think positive people have caught your creative bug causing this wonderful domino effect that is rippling across the world.
I am sure others have noticed this before me but I for one find it most enjoyable to witness and be a part of.

Pont Girl a dit…

I so missed being there! You all look tres chic!

Tomate Farcie a dit…

Eiffel Tower!
Eiffel Tower!
Er.. where is the food?!!

Petrea Burchard a dit…

What Lily said.

The first two shots were taken before dinner (and before Maria got there). The last shot was taken after dinner had been cleared away.

You all know PHX-CDG Lynn, top photo.

Second photo is (l-r) Jeff, Petrea, Lynn, Carrie, Tall Gary.

Third photo is Jeff's friend Tom, Lynn, Carrie, Gary, Jeff's sister Diane, Jeff's niece Mallory, Jeff's brother-in-law Chris, the lovely Maria, Jeff, Petrea, and Tom's girlfriend Daniela.

It was a lovely, lovely evening. We missed you, Pont Girl!

Merci, Eric, for posting the shots!

Michael Salone a dit…

Looks like it was a blast! Oh maybe one day I'll have to fly over there to meet all of you. At least a PDP picnic is in the works and I'll get my annual fix then.

It can be a nice world...

tonton_flaneur a dit…

Paris is a big place..but it is a small world!! All these people in love with Paris and PDP...romantique n'est-ce pas???

Rosie a dit…

Wow... it does look like everyone is having fun!

from cali a dit…

Leave it to Phx to flash the group! Nice Tower, girl.

I do plan on making the looooooong (kidding) trek to LA one of these days to meet the cast of characters I've come to know on PDP.

Anonyme a dit…


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