jeudi, mai 08, 2008

PDP picnic. Who is who?

1.Michel 2.Marie 3.Ingrid 4.Stéphane 5.Patricia 6.Katia 7.Arnaud 8.Craig 9.Ian 10.Justine 11.Michael 12.Lynn 13.Eric 14.Corinne 15.Rose 16.Barb 17.Guille 18.Woody 19.Cheryl 20.Jeff 21.Livio 22.Andy 23.Thib 24.Anna 25.Julia 26.Anissa

6 commentaires:

lucie a dit…

I go to pdp everyday. I saw the invitation for the picnic.To bad I left Paris on the 7th. because I would be on the picture with all of you.I am back to Québec city.
I would have love to meet you all...Well next time!
Bye every body !

Marilyn, la Californienne a dit…

It looks as if everyone is having a wonderful time. Especially YOU -- which is great, because you devote so much time and effort to PDP in order to make it a happy experience for so many people around the world. Good job, Eric and thank you!


Anne-Marie a dit…

I am happy to see that my friend Barb made it to the picnic. She just started me on your daily photo and as a one-time Parisian I love it and check it everyday. I hope to make the picnic next year.

Matthieu a dit…

Who was behind the camera ?
Well, all things considered, I suppose you used a selftimer.
I hope you shared a great time. Read you soon to know more.

Thib a dit…

Matthieu, No selftimer there !
as fas as I remember, Kate was puyshing the button !

Salem Oregon Daily Photo a dit…

Thank you Eric. It is so good to put a names with faces. It really helps those of us who couldn't attend to feel included.